– Horseback Adventures will adhere to all regulations as they apply to our business.

– Regular washing and sanitizing of cabins, dinning lodge, all facilities, as well as equipment is being maintained.

– Gloves & facemasks will be worn by our staff when needed, and by our serving staff for food service.

– We encourage everyone to practice social distancing and use common sense to keep us all safe and enjoy our time together.

– Please stay home if you are sick or not feeling well!!

– Wash your hands often.

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Our 2024 Adventure Schedule is up!
West Range Cabins
3 Day: $1350.00 + 5%GST tax per person
June: 21-23
July: 6-8
Sept: 6-8, 13-15, 20-22, 27-29
West Range Cabins
4 Day: $1800.00 + 5% GST tax per person
June: 13-16, 27-30
July: 10-13, 
Aug: 1-4, 8-11, 22-25, 28-31
Sept: 2-5
6 Day West Range Cabins – $2700.00 + 5% GST tax per person
Wilderness Adventures
8 Day Cabin/Tent Combo –  No trips scheduled for 2024
Please contact for information
6 Day Moosehorn Lakes – Departing from Hay River – 
No trips scheduled for 2024
Please contact for information

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Welcome To Our Backyard - Alberta's Best Kept Secret

Full of Tradition Family-owned Business

Tom & Shawn Vinson are proud to be celebrating 44 years of offering quality Horseback Adventures to people from around the world.

A Closer Connection to the Natural Beauty of The Rockies

On the Eastern Slopes of the Canadian Rockies under the North Boundary of Jasper National Park, you will find the Horseback Adventures Ranch in Brule, Alberta. Second Generation guides and outfitters, catering to smaller groups seeking spectacular Horseback Adventure “Into the Mountains Beyond”. If you ride the West Range Cabins, Jasper National Park or Willmore Wilderness Park you will have comfortable Accommodations, gentle horses and delicious home cooked meals.

Spectacular Horseback Adventures on Trails Less Traveled

Our West Range vacations let you explore nature with creature comforts of home, while our ‘Wilderness Adventures’   let you explore even deeper into the Rock Lake – Solomon Creek Wildland Park. Customized pack trips into Jasper National Park and Willmore Wilderness Park take you deeper into the Canadian Rockies for a longer, more rugged Horseback Adventure experience. Contact us for dates and pricing on these customized trips. Hourly horseback rides are available at the ranch by Appointment Only. We have a horseback vacation to offer everyone from the novice to the experienced rider.

3 Step Brand

The Three Step brand that is placed on the right shoulder of all our horses was registered by Mr. Brewster in the early 1900’s and is still used today. You will see it on our horses and in our logo. It’s a symbol of tradition and trail riding in the Canadian Rockies for more than a century.

Wilderness Adventures

No trips scheduled for 2024

Please contact for information


Wilderness Adventures are our most thorough horseback riding adventures into the Canadian Rockies, where you will reach elevations above 7000 feet and enjoy magnificent views in every direction.

This pack trip will have you riding up to the West Range Cabins on your first day to spend the evening in our backcountry cabin accommodations. The next day you will be horseback riding the high country on Paradise Ridge. We will pack up the next morning and head for our back country tent camp at Moose Horn Lake nestled beneath the stunning Canadian Rocky Mountains. You will be horseback riding the high mountain passes and view spectacular sights on Jasper National Parks north boundary.

West Range Cabins

All West Range horseback riding vacations depart from our ranch in Brule, Alberta. You will be horseback riding up the trail, crossing Solomon Creek and climbing high to come out on a ridge overlooking Solomon Creek with a beautiful view of Solomon Valley – the first range of mountains in the Canadian Rockies. Ride through aspen forests and along the mountain trail, descending down to the valley floor arriving at West Range Cabins. During your West Range horseback riding adventure, we take you up to the top of Paradise Ridge, a fantastic high mountain ride, to see vistas you only dream about. We will ride into the headwaters of Solomon Creek on an ancient trail with several creek crossings, and through pine and spruce forests. All bedding is provided for these trips.

Our Passion & Our Life's work, combined

Tom and Shawn Vinson are proud to be celebrating 44 years of offering quality Horseback Adventures to clients from around the world. These years of experience ensure your Horseback Adventure will be a fun and enjoyable vacation for all. Jasper National Park, Willmore Wilderness Park and Rock Lake – Solomon Creek Wildland Park spans more than 12,000 kilometers of pristine mountain lakes, alpine meadows and towering peaks. A paradise unspoiled, where outdoor enthusiasts can experience an abundance of spectacular scenery, wildlife viewing and the incredible colors of the wildflowers. Horseback Adventures Limited provides all the necessities on your horseback holiday. You bring only your personal belongings and a healthy appetite for the greatest display of mother nature you will ever see

"The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom."

Sharon Ralls Lemon