This was my second trip and I'm heading for my third in summer of 2020. The staff is so helpful and pleasant, camp is comfortable, food is nutritious and delicious! Best of all the HORSES are highly skilled, have great temperaments, and are very well cared for. We saw great scenery all day and relaxed in camp at night. Excellent in every way.
Gale Hayday
Very friendly and professional outfitter and crew. Tasty meals and lots of it. Relaxed atmosphere. Riding in the mountains always presents spectacular scenery. There is a horse for every rider's ability.
Earl Moffat
A true horseback adventure, with well train, excellently care for horses. Tom and Shawn are real western folk, with warm hospitality and knowledge of the mountain ranges. Cabins were spacious, fresh and very clean. A hot shower was welcomed after a couple days of riding. We rode with this outfit 35 years ago and wouldn’t even consider any other outfitter for our trip in August 2019, and plan to be back soon with our entire family.
Nadine Harbottle
Once again we have many happy memories of our ride near Brule. Quentin, Teresa, Ralph and Andrea were wonderful riding companions and they did everything they could to keep us comfortable, safe and happy. Ken & I sure enjoyed that hot coffee in your kitchen on our return to your ranch. Thanks for that treat.
Ken & Gail Dunfield
My husband and I would like to thank Horseback Adventures Ltd. for helping to make our 10 day trip into the Willmore such a wonderful and most memorable experience. For years, we have hiked into and out of the backcountry hauling our own food, water and camping equipment on our backs and I must say that it is definitely not as much fun as having Horseback Adventures Ltd. do it for us! Tom and his staff not only transported our gear into the Willmore, but each day, they also prepared our delicious breakfasts, lunches, and suppers along with brewing endless cups of hot tea and coffee on top of the wood burning stove. As well, they ensured that our cool mornings and evenings were warmed with campfires and shared with us their abundance of warm hospitality. Our main concern each day was just in deciding where in the Willmore we were going to have fun hiking to. The ridge walks were particularly spectacular because they afforded us the perfect lunch spots from which to view sweeping panoramas of other peaks and valleys. The beauty and serenity of the Willmore together with the highly competent staff who make up Horseback Adventure Ltd. made our vacation memorably fun... you’ve made it hard to return to city life again.
Phylis & Michael Raine
How do I even start describing our experience in the Willmore with Tom Vinson and his staff? I will start simply by saying that my husband Michael and I had a spectacular time in the Willmore. The 'Vinson Team' was incredibly well organized, and so helpful, polite and efficient. What a pleasure for us "stressed out A-type personalities" to have a great breakfast, spend the entire day hiking, hiking, and more hiking in the most gorgeous scenery in the entire Rockies, and only worry about being back in time for an excellent supper. We greatly appreciated the time taken to talk to us about the horses, and more importantly, to see how well cared for these animals are. The camps were clean and well organized, and with the campfire and coffee/tea always hot, we had some great discussions, some of which still make me laugh. There is no way that I would ever venture with another horse-based group because of the very high standards they set.
Jillian & Michael Buriak
Thank you for the 4 day horseback adventure that I had the pleasure of being on in August 2015. I enjoyed every moment of my time, finding you and your staff so welcoming, knowledgeable, and just fun to be around. I know that I spent the entire time exclaiming about the scenery, the wonderful people-loving horses, the peace and quiet, the dark star filled nights and the warm sunny days. The highlight of my time in camp had to be the "shower house", and hearing the wolves talking to each other from the mountain tops. I came home feeling so strong, and confident that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. Best wishes, and I hope to see you again.
In August, my wife and I took the 8 day wilderness ride with Horseback Adventures, Ltd. From the morning we arrived at the ranch until the afternoon we departed 8 days later, our trip could not have been better. Shawn and Tom are wonderful hosts and our wrangler, Ralph was, well let's just say he was an unexpected treat. The food was only surpassed by the great horses and incredible scenery. From the cabins to the tents, we spent memorable mornings and evenings around the campfires and saw, what is perhaps, some of the most beautiful country in North America. Thanks to all, we'll be back.
Frank & Betty Collins